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Bed Bug Control

How we do it?

With the resurgence of bed bug infestations in the late 2000s, That Guy came to the forefront of the pest control industry by developing unique protocols and embracing new treatment methods to eliminate these fear-inducing pests. Since then, That Guy has emerged as a leader in the control of Bed Bugs in North America by becoming the first pest management company to be designated as Bed Bug Certified. Time and again, That Guy Services Inc. has been called in to take care of even the most severe infections when other companies failed to eliminate the problem.

That Guy has developed unique and up the minute protocol for bed bug inspection and treatment. This protocol includes thorough inspection of areas suspected to have bed bugs, inspection of areas adjacent to a suspect infestation, documentation of infestations, and the proper identification of bed bugs. Our protocol also includes education and support for residents, property managers, and anyone else affected by the infestation.

Following a thorough inspection, a treatment will be recommended. This treatment can range from recommending preventative measures, such as a mattress cover, to chemical or heat treatment. That Guy does not use a one size fits all treatment method for bed bugs. Inspectors take great care to identify the source and severity of infestations and make treatment recommendations based on their findings. Following treatment, the area will be reinspected and retreated as necessary.

  • Bed bug removal
  • Safe & quick removal
  • Emergency removal available
  • Quick and timely removal

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That Guy also offers single billing for all properties (if requested). We can invoice each property separately; however bill all services to a single billing address. Click Here to request a proposal for your property.

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